TES Screen-Free Week Challenge!

Screen-Free Week/100th Anniversary of Children’s Book Week

Screen-Free Week takes place this year the same week as the 100th anniversary of Children’s Book Week: April 29th-May 5th. Screen-Free Week is an annual invitation to play, explore, and rediscover the joys of life beyond screens. The intent of Screen-Free Week is to help us become more aware and intentional of our use of screens in and out of our homes in ways that leave us more present in our surroundings.

100 Screen-Free, Reading-Related Activities

image from:https://www.screenfree.org/

TES Literacy Week 2019

This year we will celebrate Literacy Week with the following events:Image result for Literacy

Mar 25th- Apr 6th...Used Book Sale in the lobby
Apr. 2nd-Apr.4th …Natalie Kinsey-Warnock Visit
Apr. 2nd: All School presentation in the morning 9am K-6th
Apr 2, Apr 3 and Apr 4- Storykeepers Workshop with Natalie Kinsey-Warnock 3rd and 4th graders only
Read-A -Thon Mar. 22nd-Apr. 5th
Rock and Read Apr.1st-Apr. 5th

Young American Poetry Digest

In Library Class, 3rd and 4th-grade students read Today and Today, a book of haiku poetry by Kobayashi Issa. The students all composed their own unique haiku poem. Twelve students’ poems were selected to be included in this year’s 2109-Young American Poetry Digest. The 12 winning poems will be displayed on the Library hallway bulletin board. A copy of this year’s digest will be added to the TES Library collection.
Students’ poems were selected based on:
  • Creativity
  • Age-Appropriate language
  • Sensory/figurative images
  • Structure
  • Poetic technique

Image from book: Today and Today, a book of haiku poetry by Kobayashi Issa.

TES Library Book Club

TES Library Book Club
Several 5th and 6th graders gathered in the library to discuss this month’s book club book:  The Magic Misfits  by Neil Patrick Harris. Students admired the main character, Carter, who pledges to never steal anything, even though he is in the most desperate situation, with no family and no place to live! Students learned several of the magic tricks from the story and amazed their friends with their magic skills! Book club readers loved the Magic Misfits (Book #1) and wondered: Will Carter and his 5 Magical Misfits stay together?
Read Neil Patrick Harris’ next book,  The Second Story (Magic Misfits #2)  now available at the TES Library.
December’s book will be Restart by Gordon Korman .
Join us in the TES Library on Wed. Dec 5th  ( 12:15 – 12:45 pm)!

Author/Illustrator Visit Thursday, Nov. 29


On Thursday, Nov. 29th, TES is looking forward to meeting author/illustrator, Erin Rounds.  Erin is a Hanover High School graduate who currently teaches 4th grade in Springfield, VT. She will be presenting her two new books, ​Charlotte’s Bones​ and ​Where’s Winter​? at TES to all grades K-6th. Erin Rounds book Charlotte’s Bones tells the story of the Vermont state fossil. How could a whale’s skeleton have been buried in Vermont, so far from the ocean? How was it discovered?

Where’s Winter? tells the story of Bear, who wakes up from hibernation, only to find that winter never came.  The air is warm, but unlike in spring, there are no blooming flowers, no honeybees making honey, and no berries or nuts to eat.

Where’s Winter asks children what they can do to help Bear and our planet by making personal changes to help stop global warming. A fun, inspiring book for ages 6-10.

To pre-order from the Norwich Bookstore, please return the order form and payment to your child’s teacher by Friday, November 9th. Books will be delivered to the school for signing and pickup.

Welcome Back!

August 25, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Wow, what a great summer! I hope you enjoyed your time off from school and spent some time with family and friends. We had so many hot days! Did your family take any trips to a lake, river, or maybe even the ocean?

Summer is always a nice time to read, perhaps you visited a library or a local bookstore? Maybe you found a few books to read from your very own book collection! What did you read this summer?

It’s very exciting starting a brand new school year with you! We’ll be reading and choosing books to borrow and take home to enjoy. Maybe some of you will meet Sir Earl this year; he loves to celebrate birthdays and reading.

See you Wednesday!!!!

Mary and Sir Earl

Literacy Week




We have 5 fun-filled days planned!

Mon. May 14th Book Cycle Sale (lobby)

Tue. May 15th:
Family Read (8:30-9am)
Dress as a Book Character Parade (9 am- 9:15 am)
Students may choose a costume based on a book character from a favorite book. Nothing too fancy!

Wed. May 16th:
Wax Museum in Gym (night presentation)

Thur May 17th:
Rock and Read 

Fri. May 18th
Katherine Roy (author/illustrator) Visit


Maker Class in the Library

During Mud Season Madness, a Maker Class was offered in the library. In this class, students made robotic hands out of paper, parachute chord, and straws. To begin their project, students first identified several essential parts of the hand: bones, joints, muscles, nerves, vessels and tendons which tie all of the parts together. They also learned about existing health technology like motorized wheelchairs, hearing aids, prostheses (artificial body parts), and artificial implants and discussed how future technologies may replace more and more of the human body. The students were challenged to assemble their robotic hands and test its construction by picking up and holding a ping pong ball.